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about steve

Steve is a mid 50’s general contractor, craftsman and an artist with a tool box. Steve is a father for over 30 years and now recently a very happy grand father. He is your typical next door neighbor handy man, family man, and dog lover.

He enjoys to work and when he isn’t working, you will find him hiking up or down a mountain or park with his beloved Moni (rottweiler dog). When he isn’t hiking, he spends time with his grand son and to this day still trying to figure out what in the world this “internet” everyone is so crazily talking about.

Steve does know how to check emails and reply to them. So if you’re in the market for a home or office remodel, give him a call or email

Here are some facts about Steve’s Construction:

  •  Steve himself has been a master craftsman for over 35 years
  •  Steve moved to North Phoenix, Arizona about 1985 where he began building residential homes in large communities.
  •  Steve has been contracted in the past to build several multi million dollar homes in North Scottsdale
  •  Steve, like every one else grows older as times pass by. Since the year 2002 Steve began focusing primarily in North Phoenix Home Remodeling and Office Remodeling.
  •  Steve is a very honest guy. He is extremely passionate about his work and always demands perfection.
 Steve still carries around the same brief case he has for 10 years. I (his son Attila) tried talking him in to buy a new one but, well, you know the rest “Until it breaks son…”
 Steve finally bought a new Chevy van years ago. Mostly because his old one (95′) broke down (finally). Just wish that brief case would give it a go too!
 Steve wishes he would be driving to work in a Ferrari F60. Oh, sorry, the webmaster (son of Steve) is the one wanting the Ferrari, and once again getting side tracked.